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Bombay is a city in a hurry. Its citizens are an energetic, motivated lot, rightfully proud of their contribution to the wealth and knowledge pool of the nation. Yet, strangely enough, in a city where you can find just about anything, fulfil any desire, there are hardly any opportunities to hear the Buddha Dharma being expounded.

The Dharma Rain Centre for Buddhist Studies has sought to fill this gap in Mumbai's life by offering a supportive environment to anyone interested in exploring Buddhist thought and practice. Set up by a group of people drawn from different walks of life, Dharma Rain Centre has numerous activities that encourage the participants to study the Dharma and then to explore ways of incorporating it in everyday life. These activities are open to lay and monastic seekers alike and are conducted in a warm and caring atmosphere, creating an oasis of the mind where each one establishes their own connection with the Dharma. Regular meetings, Dharma talks and teachings by visiting masters, day-long workshops as well as a residential retreat have been organized so far.

The Centre’s non-sectarian approach is reflected in the many different flavours and traditions of the Buddha Dharma that are presented in the weekly meetings. The meetings commence with a group meditation, followed by presentation by one of the members. Question-answer sessions, discussion and debate are actively encouraged, in keeping with the spirit that the Dharma is ‘ehipassiko’ – open to all to come and scrutinize, even criticize, before accepting it.

Going forward, the Centre’s vision includes creating opportunities for dialogue between different schools of Buddhism as well as interaction with other religious and scientific traditions, establishing a library and offering financial support to young people who are keen to study the Dharma in institutions in India and abroad.

If you wish to attend the meetings, or to be regularly informed of all activities, please contact us.

Updates  Activities   Events    Your  Blog    Dharma Study   Photographs    Press Reports   Vision   About Us   Contact Us